Sunday, June 5, 2016

Getting the hang of it!!!

I have been leaning more about JokaydiaGrid and meet a few people in world for some adventure. Here is a picture Gallery:

Tried the amazing maze. 

Enjoyed an evening at the fire pit with friends

Had dinner all by myself

Dance lesson by the lady


  1. Emmanuel, Love the pictures and all that you have done so far! The maze was built by me for people to try and just get used to moving the avatar around. Sounds like you are enjoying the virtual world so far and certainly have been an adventurer! Nice work so far, Mike B

  2. Hi Emmanuel:
    Thank you for taking me on this journey with you. It is very interesting to see the things you have done, and like you. I am starting to get the hang of it. I really like how you posted multiple snapshots with one sentence taglines to show us what you did. I think I will go on a journey and try that soon as well. It is a great way to document the things you are doing and sharing them with other people. I did not try the boat ride, I saw an airplane and wanted to try that but could not get in it to fly. It is pretty interesting to see all the things you can actually do on here. I kind of like it. But do not see the value in it as a recreational hobby. I wastes too much time when I could be doing these things in real life. But as a virtual learning tool and a way to learn virtual worlds it is very good practice. I saw you today but you did not seem to have time to talk:( hopefully, I will see you in world soon. Take care.