Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Few Explorations

Ok folks, I decide to explore today. My first stop was Marlboro College. In the picture below, I was looking at the puzzle cube game and just getting around to familiarize myself with the activities at Marlboro.

Then I went and read a few presentations at something that looked like a projector. I guess it is a lecture board, am not sure.

Then I went to Tranquil Cove and meet this lady. Tried to have a conversation with her but she totally ignored me. I didn't take it personal though. 

I took off to catch a boat ride but it was empty and just sitting right there at the shore. 

My final stop was ADDlexcity. I was amazed how organized it is with signs that point you to any direction you want to go. At this time I have had it and returned home (scooter) to catch some rest. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Here We Go....

Ok, folks. Welcome to my blog on Games and Simulation. This will be my journal post on my adventures in the virtual world and reflections on my growth in the Games and Simulation class. I am going into a new territory and it seems it will push me out of my comfort zone. However, I am excited to explore how games and simulations can be used as an educational tool.

I have downloaded Firestorm Viewer and created an account in JokaydiaGrid. My Avatar name is Don Bret so if you see me inworld, don't hesitate to say hello. Below is a snapshot of my arrival. For now, I am just learning the different button and how to move around by either walking, running or flying. Already, I have given my avatar a make over in this blue and silver house. There are so much to buy in there. I guess I'll be a constant visitor to this house to shop for new accessories.

My next stop is going to be Marlboro College. I already searched and found it. Now I will teleport myself there to see what I can find. Stay tuned!!!

Here is me, just arriving in the virtual world!!!