Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Adventures!!!

So here I am, heading to a brand new adventure in our Games and Simulation class. And where am I going? Can you make a guess? Yeah, you are right, MinecraftEDU, the educational version of Minecraft. 

I purchased and created an account, downloaded and installed the MinecraftEDU software and here are the pictures of my very first login into this exciting game......or is it that exciting? Well am about to find out. 

Stay tuned for the more on my adventures into the world of MinecraftEDU!!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Exploring EdTech Island In Second Life

I was browsing locations in second life and came across EdTech Island. I decided to have a look and to explore what is in the island. 

My arrival at EdTech Island.

Welcome sign

Went to the virtual gallery

More pictures from my virtual gallery expedition
Asian cultural exhibition

 Educational games simulation


I was later joined by a random lady and we talked for a while

 I went to this tree house
Ended my adventure with a visit to the Sushi Bar